Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  We provide comprehensive eye exams to all of our patients at any facility we see them at.  By using state of the art equipment and experienced doctors we believe our exams provide a necessary need within our communities.

Yes!  We have over 1000 patients who are suffering from glaucoma and require our services.  We can check their pressures, prescribe eye drops, and refer them to one of our surgical partners if needed.

We can perform a comprehensive eye exam at his residence and determine the state of his cataracts.  If he falls within the surgical guidelines we can refer him to one of our surgical partners and walk him through the process.  Typically, the facility he is in will provide transportation for his appointments but if not, we can arrange a service that will pick up and drop off the patient to their surgery.

Yes!  We follow strict guidelines within our group to ensure there is no risk from our staff.  We do weekly or twice a week testing to remain diligent that we do not enter a facility being infected.  Further, we wear a multitude of PPE to ensure there is no respiratory exchange between anyone and our staff.  Finally, we have a set protocol to wipe down all equipment, tools, and eyewear between all facilities and all patients.  Click here for more info on our COVID protocols.

If your loved one has insurance the service would be the exact same cost as if they had gone into a typical eye doctor’s office.  We bill third party payers directly and have a wide panel of insurances that we accept.

Typically we will schedule a visit in her facility and determine if we can repair her glasses.  If the frames are beyond repair, we provide a wide range of eyewear that she can choose from.  If she has coverage through her insurance plan we will bill them directly or send an invoice to her loved ones, guarantors, or power of attorney.

Providing mobile on-site services is quite challenging.  Most doctors do not enjoy the travel commitments to the various parts of the state as well as not being able to practice in a familiar environment on a daily basis.  Further, the equipment necessary for mobile practices is quite different than the standard in-clinic options.  At Mature Vision Mobile Eye Care we took an oath to provide high-quality eye care to all people, but especially those who are unable to come to us.  We’ve invested in state of the art equipment that enables us to provide comprehensive, accurate, and medically proven exams.  Our doctors are trained to see patients in all settings and under varying conditions.

Yes!  We have partnered with numerous large employers who have requested eye exams at their office site.  We bring a team out to your office on a pre-determined date and perform exams for as many employees that you request.  Often, we perform this over a multiple-day period to offer everyone a chance to use our services.  We also partner with large eyeglass manufacturers like Ray-Ban and Oakley to join us so your employees have a wide selection of eye wear to choose from.

Yes!  We provide comprehensive diabetic vision exams.  We are experts in diabetic eye disease and continue to promote annual exams for all diabetic patients.  Diabetes is quickly becoming a main cause for decreased vision and permanent visual loss and in most cases we can prevent the progression if caught early in the disease state.

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